السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

*Dangerous drug, making people into zombies*

There is a very dangerous drug, we have to be very careful. It makes covid 19 look like a joke. This one actually attacks the heart. It makes a person become like a zombie. They end up saying one thing and doing something totally different. The person changes completely. They will end up doing anything for this drug addiction. Lie, cheat, deceive, con, etc. Whatever it takes.

Many people have been affected. If we find anyone who is addicted to this drug and sickness, we must immediately abandon them. Don’t let our love for them, their past achievements, and their words fool us to think they have not become like zombies. Because of our emotional connection, it is becoming very hard for us to detect the addicts. In many casses, even the addicts are in denial. They will try and come up with stupid excuses and justifications for their actions.

Currently, this addiction and sickness have hit people in high places. This addiction, when it attacks people with influence, has a catastrophic impact. People of great influence end up feeding this addiction with the help of the people. I can’t reveal their names, but I can reveal the name of the drug. People will be angry that I am exposing the name of this dangerous drug, but I have no choice. This drug is love for dunya and love for money.

*How to recognise an addict*

Anybody chasing Dunya to the extent they brake islamic laws.

Some Common signs of addicts:

1) they make haraam into halal.
2) they justify their addiction through Islam. Like free mixing and uniting with other religions.
3) they show of their personal life, thirsty for praise and attention.
4) For money and Dunya they ready to do whatever it takes.

What we need to do:

When we see people with this addiction, we must remove them from the mimbers. They feed of the audience, the praise, the power, and the influence they have. The sooner we cut that off, then their rehabilitation can start. We can’t be emotional, we have to be mean to be kind. If we could close the masjids because of covid and fear of our survival, then this is very easy to do.

We have to stop listening to them.and advise them of their wrongs.

If they don’t listen, we have to expose them to the public, not with the intention of humiliating them, but with the intention of warning others so they be vigilant.

May Allah save us all from this addiction and may he wake us up to recognise this dangerous drug.