السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

There were 5 different pharmacies in a row, one after the other, selling the same items. 4 of which had fake and faulty medication, that would overtime make people sick without them being aware. whereas 1 shop had original certified medication. The 4 shops were worried that the other shop would eventually steal all the business or tell people that their medications were faulty.

So the shop keepers decided to make a union amongst the 5 shops. They said we make a union, where we can push customers to each other. In this manner we can all become friends and work together. With this plan, the 4 shop keepers managed to make it hard for that one shopkeeper to say anything bad about their products to the people.

The shopkeeper who had the original products was actually in a position of power, but he didn’t realise it. Instead, he was scared. He knew his competitors had faulty goods, but he feared they would make life hard for him or abuse him, so he agreed to this union, he would be able to keep doing his business and earning money. However, people would fall victim to the other shops and fall sick and may even die.

Did he make the right decision? Would he be innocent? Or would you count him as a guilty party?

A clear example of this is interfaith. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in so many countries. They have to try and stop us from inviting more people to islam. They need to try and distort the pure religion and make it faulty. This is why they have created religious unity. All religions lead to 1 God. Its different paths to the same location.

To the extent that in africa, now we will see where there is a mosque, they are trying to build a church in close proximity. They are doing the groundwork to try and link the 2 places by being close to each other. This way, they will start communicating and helping each other, eventually creating a friendship and union.

We can sleep all we want, but the wheels and cogs of this evil and deceptive fitna are already turning. They have already managed to convince scholars and big recognised islamic organisations around the world to join them. People are already bending the knee and making those things that are hallal and accepted in Christianity, hallal in islam. Like free mixing.

How long before men and women will be sitting in masjids side by side? How long before women will be on the mimber giving khutba? Is that when we will wake up? When it is to late? Many of us made the same mistake regarding lgbtq, we stayed silent, thinking this would never be taken seriously. Now, in so many places, it is against the law to say certain things regarding lgbtq. Have we not learnt from thst mistake?

Shaitan is playing the long game, he is thinking 10 or 20 years ahead, while we are only thinking about tomorrow.

May Allah save us from the evils of this world and may he open our eyes to what is happening so we can take action against it.